At Coliba, we embrace ONE TOUCH ECOLO as our approach to (resource recovery).
Resource recovery is the reclaiming of "garbage" materials for a new use. It includes collecting, sorting, and processing materials that are traditionally viewed as waste and transforming them into the raw inputs used to create new products. Recycling and composting are among the best known resource recovery practices.
ONE TOUCH ECOLO is our rallying cry to  make the best and highest use of all resources that are manufactured, consumed, discarded and re-manufactured.

  • It means using resources wisely, generating waste only as necessary, and finding ways to use waste products in ways that benefit the environment.
  • It means landfilling only those materials we haven't yet figured out a use for.
We are passionate about and committed to reducing waste, and to recycling everything we can. This is what we mean by ONE TOUCH ECOLO. It's a commitment, and we hope you join us in our efforts.
As part of our commitment to ONE TOUCH ECOLO, Coliba offers a full range of programs and services to the communities we serve. These are all tailored to help our customers reduce, reuse, recycle and make the best and highest use of the resources around them.

A cleaner environment

Coliba provides a wide range of resource recovery services to residential, commercial, and municipal customers in the Western Africa. New data shows reuse, recycling, and composting are more helpful at protecting the environment than previously known, and Coliba is proud to continue to lead the industry in these service offerings.

Collecting recyclables

Coliba Collecting recyclables is the reclaiming of "garbage" materials for a new use. It includes collecting, sorting, and processing materials that are traditionally viewed as waste and transforming them into the raw inputs used to create new products. Recycling and composting are among the best known resource collecting recyclables practices.

Enhancing Items

Abidjan, Accra, Nigeria faces a sobering waste crisis that will only worsen as the city’s population of 200 million people continues to soar. The overburdened municipal government collects only 40% of city garbage and a mere 13% of recyclable materials are salvaged from landfills. People living in slum conditions without formal waste collection are subject to increased flooding, disease spread, and psychological stress that results from unmanaged trash heaps. Concurrently, recycling firms in these cities are faced a supply constraint. They cannot access adequate supply of quality materials required for processing. One of the large recycling firms in Accra is operating its factory at 50 to 60% below capacity.

Change the world

Coliba sees a world without waste. Coliba Environmental Compliance Program reflects our corporate commitment to environmental stewardship by identifying issues, taking immediate corrective action as needed, and monitoring progress towards resolution. The program combines several elements to minimize environmental impacts of our operations. This includes an internal environmental audit program along with a “find-it, fix-it” mentality. This helps ensure that environmental requirements are not only met but that environmental management improves over time.

Our Services

Our model solves the urban waste challenge for households and recyclers. We motivate families to recycle plastic bottles, plastic sachets, and aluminum cans through our, website and Mobile Application, SMS-based incentive program.

Collection of recyclable waste:

Select the cart or bin size that’s right for your home with the help of our customer service representatives. Visit your local Coliba company website for details about signing up, adding or changing the services to your home, to see your rates, manage your account and to see the collection calendar.

For every kilogram of material that families recycle with us, they receive redeemable Coliba points over their website, Mobile platform and cell phones in return. Families can then redeem their points for goods that they value, such as cell phone minutes, basic food items, and household goods. Families receive collection reminders and rewards updates directly on their website, Mobile apps’ and mobile phones making the benefits of recycling immediate.

Turn Recyclable waste to products

After collection, Coliba aggregates the materials at the household level to sell to local recycling processors. Coliba provides a consistent supply of well-sorted, high quality recyclable materials to processors, thereby alleviating their supply constraints.

Training and consultancy

Our programs are a result of the innovations and partnerships we have with local governments, local businesses, and residents.  Where some people plastics waste, Coliba sees the opportunity to reduce waste.

Coliba strives to provide excellent services.  As employee owners, we endeavor to support the communities where we live and work in many ways. We partner with small businesses by purchasing local goods and services whenever possible and we hire directly from the communities we serve.

We understand that education is the key to take care of our planet.  Our education programs increase public awareness about One Touch Ecolo, bring together employees from all levels of the organization to understand the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling, while expanding our sense of community, and enabling the public to see garbage in a different light. We are also committed to community involvement through a variety of art and volunteer programs.  We encourage you to work with us to continue to improve our communities as education and information are important components of our joint success.

Waste tracking and reporting system

We setting a special program called community benefit report. Our communities benefit report details the ways Coliba and its employee owners are working to achieve this vision. Using data collected, this Report highlights our company’s recycling achievements, innovative service offerings, employee stewardship, and commitment to our customers and community partners.

About Us

Who we are ?
Coliba is a company collection and household waste management that makes use of computer technology to innovate in its industry. Coliba provides an online mobile application also downloadable on your mobile phones to help users easily connect with us, learn more on how to separate their waste and good waste management practices as well as sign up for collection of waste. Coliba is an African wastes Recycle Company built with the purpose of solving Africa waste and sanitation challenges as well as providing employment and alternative source of income for waste generator. At Coliba, You see waste, we see resources.

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How we do it

We are proud of our customer service. In whatever community you live, you can be sure that a real person will always answer your call.

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We Are a Socially Responsible Company

Meet The Team

yaya bruno

expertise in communications

Yaya KONE is PHD student and a lecturer in Abidjan, Côte d'ivoire. He has a good Strong background in program development and quality assurance with an outstanding history of managing projects from initial conception, through development, to implementation.

Prince C.K Agbata


Prince is the voice of Coliba in Ghana and is concern in better communicating the ideals and vision of Coliba as well as getting funding opportunities and pitching to investors on Coliba. He brings a blend of great communication and project management skills coupled with his coding experience as a developer.

Dexter Ouattara

Lead Developer

Dexter Ouattara, Web et Mobile Developper, Founder and CEO at H school, Startup dedicated in e learning and education in Côte d’Ivoire.

Noel Some


Noel is a Specialist in ICT4Dev, he is bringing software solutions that meet low community’s needs. He manages, and validates a Tech Roadmap for Coliba, and share business opportunities which Tech Product could create.

Meliissa Guei

Lead Marketing

Mélissa GUEI graduated in marketing, sales and finance. She considers herself as an afroptimist.

Marc Bah


Marc Bah, Software Engineer, Bachelor’s Degree at Bangalore University India, He’s Founder and CEO at ClubIvoire, a startup in Web and Mobile Technologies.

Abubarkar Mohammed

finance and business

is a passionate change maker and entrepreneur from Nigeria and the founder of a food Drink Company in Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geography.

zotun joseph lah

finance and business

Lah Zotun Joseph is a communicator. He involve himself in entrepreneurship 2.0 face to the challenges of development and progress in Africa.

Otaru Daudu

CEO|Managing Consultant

Otaru Daudu is the CEO|Managing Consultant (Creative|Analytics) at iNspire Leadership & Productivity Limited, the social media company located within Lagos State in Nigeria. Otaru's first degree in Environmental science gives the teams marketing efforts a strong advantage ensuring a seamless transition between strategy development and execution.






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